Igniting Social Movements
Through Design

We are a full-service design and consulting agency based in Los Angeles and one day space. We use human-centered design to connect, engage and inspire people around your identity, cause or community. We design your story to create small conversion moments--those simple points of resonance with fellow humans--that build over time into something worthwhile.

Why Social Movement?

Meet Our Humans

Benjamin Hart

Principal / Design Strategist

Slate Ballard

Principal / Innovation Strategist

Heidi Burkley


Jonah Hart

Copywriter / Project Manager

Ellen Riley


Josh Maynard

Designer (NOT Moby)


Our portfolio pages should be ready soon. In the meantime, contact us to see specific examples of our work.


If you're the kind of company or organization looking to innovate, spark human connection, impact the world for good and create a better story we can all be a part of, then you're our kind of folks.


We take a holistic, human-centered design approach to every problem or opportunity that comes our way. We deliver beautiful brand experiences and innovative solutions across a wide array of media, and build brand value and trust by ensuring cohesive visual language, reinforcing it through every detail of our work.


  • Identity
    branding, brand narrative, print, social design &
    business design
  • Web
    web design/development, ux, motion design, seo,
    social design, & administrative systems
  • Social
    social innovation and design, brand narrative, ux,
    business modeling and design
  • Brand Narrative
    storytelling, framing, campaign design storytelling,
    framing, campaign design.
  • Non-profit Program Innovation
    campaign story storytelling, framing, campaign
  • Fundraising + Social Campaigns
    campaign story storytelling, framing, campaign
  • Startup Full Package
    identity and collateral, brand narrative, business
    design, market analysis, web design/development


  • web design / development
  • motion and video
  • identity / branding
  • print
  • user experience (UX) design
  • social innovation and design
  • business modeling and design
  • organizational design
  • startup consulting
  • kickstarter consulting
  • brand narrative
  • volcannovation


  • administrative systems
  • market analysis
  • search and social optimization
  • campaign management - ads

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Oh Yeah... Meet Steve

What we mean by "social movement"

For us, a social movement is simply people having connections with people.

We believe these connections can--and many times should be--designed. As designers, we help bring these human connection points to the surface, make them easy to discover, experience and share, and then guide and shape them into an intended result.

Social movements run the gamut of human experience--from ending modern day slavery to sharing a story with your neighbor over tea. And we love being a part of all of it.

What a social movement means to you

Every person has a story. So does your brand, cause or community. We help people connect and share experiences within your story. These well-designed human experiences increase engagement, create advocates and, ultimately, lead to long-term, self-propelled movements.

What does this lead to?

Increased Awareness -- Because people share the things they love.
Increased Revenue -- Because people buy into things they care about.
Increased Ownership -- Because people find themselves in your story.


Meet Steve

Steve’s dad owns the company.

When Steve isn't demanding his latte be made at exactly 147 degrees, or posting “Family Circus” cartoons around the office, he's offering up great design ideas that usually involve “more cats.” While at college, Steve dabbled in many disciplines, ultimately crafting his own double major of Global Alchemy and Ceramics. (Unfortunately, Steve did not graduate, citing "irreconcilable differences" with his RA.) After traveling the world for four months ("Prague was cool, but I really found myself in Tampa,") Steve became a valuable member of the Animal Volcano Team. From raising office morale with his improvised renditions of "Call Me Maybe" to plenty of font suggestions ("That one in 'Avatar,'" is a frequent refrain), Steve is learning the business quickly and we're thrilled that his dad made him a project manager. No, really. We are.

You can follow Steve on twitter @AVDsteve